Core Curriculum

Space to explore, room to grow


Through the study and application of Mathematics, students can develop their gifts and abilities in logical thought, decision-making, discovering truth, problem-solving, creating and inventing. A thorough understanding of Mathematics is needed to equip students to handle related disciplines such as science and technology and dealing with everyday life situations.  The study of Mathematics also assists students to be good stewards of God’s creation, skilled and creative members of society, and contributing to the development of their world.

The main resources used are two structured and sequential programs, helping students to learn Mathematical concepts and vocabulary, moving from concrete to abstract throughout the primary years. They also provide opportunities for students to receive support, consolidation and extension with every concept. One of the programs also has a strong emphasis on real-life investigations. Students are also encouraged to develop mental strategies and quick recall of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

Interactive whiteboards, iPads and other technology are regularly used in Mathematic lessons.


The study of English enables students to understand and communicate with others and is foundational for all areas of learning. The ability to communicate through language is God-given and is intimately linked to the processes of thought.  It is, therefore, integral to personal development and the realisation of gifts and abilities. As values are inextricably embedded in language, students are also encouraged to develop discernment in their speaking, listening, reading, viewing and writing, in accordance with the principles given in the Bible.

Our explicitly taught, sequential phonics program, Sound Waves, is an important part of our English program and is taught from Grades F-6. This program helps students to learn to read, spell, speak and develop vocabulary. Students have weekly and term spelling tests from this program.

Other elements of our English program include:

  • Oral reading – in groups, in front of class, buddy reading
  • Active listening – discussions, group work
  • Speaking – readers’ theatre, puppets, presentations, show & tell
  • Reading Comprehension – PM Reading program, guided reading groups, cloze activities, literature study in middle-upper primary
  • Grammar and Writing – VCOP and Big Write program, writing tasks in different genres, which include written tasks in Science and Humanities
  • Handwriting and Typing Skills
  • Library and Research Skills – All grades have a scheduled lesson once a week in the library
  • Ipads, interactive whiteboards and other technology are regularly used in English lessons


Through Science, students explore the physical, chemical, biological and spatial aspects of God’s Creation. The main resource is Primary Connections, through which students learn the foundational concepts, vocabulary and skills required to understand the world around them. There is a strong emphasis on hands-on experiences and experiments, which are often in team situations. Safety procedures and the use of technology in science are also other important aspects of the program.


In the Humanities subjects, students learn to understand the world around them as they explore history, cultures and the environment filtering it through the lens of God’s story. The curriculum is organised with:

  • History – Grades F-6
  • Geography – Grades F-6
  • Civics and Citizenship – Grades 3-6
  • Economics and Business – Grades 5-6

The students engage in a unit of work that helps them to investigate and explore a particular theme or topic for a term, using an inquiry approach with an appropriate balance of explicit teaching. Computers, interactive whiteboards and other technology are regularly used in these lessons.

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