Association and Democratic Principles

Swan Hill Christian School was founded in 1993 as Son Centre Christian School. It began as a Prep to 6 primary school at the John Knox Presbyterian buildings in Campbell St, with 46 students and 2 teachers. The school moved in 1995 to its current location, a beautiful rural environment on the edge of Swan Hill, former home of the Donnington Golf Course, where students are able to enjoy the wide open rural spaces. In 2023 the school rebranded to Swan Hill Christian School.

Board and Association

The Association (made up of Son Centre Christian School Limited – a company limited by guarantee) contains both parent and non-parent members committed to Christian parent controlled education. The Association elects a Board, which is responsible for the running of the school, and which appoints the Principal and Staff.

For further information about joining the Association please see Information for Prospective Members and Association Membership Application.

Board Membership

Board Chair – Warrick Grey

Board of Directors 

Chris Lewis (Treasurer)
Genevene Hall (Secretary)
Kerry Smith
Francois deKoker

Democratic Principles

Swan Hill Christian School acknowledges and is thankful to God for the privilege and opportunity to exist in a democratic society. We are committed to teaching and equipping students with the skills and values necessary to contribute effectively and responsibly to the building of a more just and compassionate society in Australia. We support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy in accordance with Australian law. We understand that this includes respect for the authority of the elected government as ordained by God; the rule of law; equal rights for all; freedom of religion, freedom of speech and association. We are committed to valuing and respecting each individual person, endeavoring to make every effort to live peacefully with all people in Australia regardless of their gender, faith, race or culture.